Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's A Small World

I know that I have been MIA lately.  I'm sorry for that.  It's amazing how fast life can sweep by.  The "business" and distractions have left me feeling very run down....And when it comes time to thinking about what I could do for NF Awareness month...I just feel like....I have nothing left to give.

But - I know this isn't true.

I spread NF Awareness EVERYDAY!

There are times where I am shouting from the mountaintops....And other times, where my awareness is simply connecting with a quiet smile.

Last week, a man came to the theater where I work...Who was affected by NF in a more severe way than me....He was wearing a hoodie and didn't make eye contact with me.  But when I gave him his change...My hands touched his hands, that were covered in tumors.  

I felt him recoil.  I told him that I had some of the same tumors that he had...And at that moment....everything slowed down.  He asked if I had NF....And I told him Yes.  He smiled ....I smiled.

He said he had never met ANYONE with NF before.

That felt good.  

He went on his way....Off to watch the Avengers....Now knowing that HIS world became a little bit smaller.  He wasn't alone anymore.

I like MAY.  A special month to do everything we can to spread awareness.

BUT...Awareness happens everyday for those living with this disorder.  It happens on-the-spot and out-of-the-blue.  It happens when people stare too long at you...wondering - what's wrong with her? 

Teaching and talking about NF happens on days where you just want to be left alone....

And in reality....The awareness that happens on ALL THOSE OTHER MONTHS...Is what REALLY matters. 


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