Monday, February 21, 2011

President Day!

I was amazed when I was looking up information about President's Day, and also ran across a discussion about which presidents had Neurofibromatosis.  It is rumored that President Lincoln had NF, but no conclusive evidence exists.

I know that I have spent time searching for famous names connected to Neurofibromatosis, as I look to find inspiration from others that NF doesn't have to stop us from living a dream.  Actors, writers, musicians...we are ALL people--Genetic disorders or not.  The thing that makes us all different, is how we choose to live our lives...and how we let what we struggle with, limit us. (Or not.)

I have lived a good part of my life making excuses for not living up to my potential, and I still struggle with believing that I am good enough or smart enough to accomplish my goals, even as I'm accomplishing them!  It's a constant work in progress, but one I refuse to give up on.

Do you limit yourself, based on fear?   President Lincoln had terrible self confidence...But if you read his amazing story about how he came to become the president, you will learn how he had to push through his fear.

So...on your day off....Do something more then visit the local sales for 50% off sheets.  Read something about where you came from, and how the country began.  You may just learn something new that will inspire you to become more than famous - it will inspire you to Thrive!


  1. This the first I had heard of Abe Lincoln Having NF. I have heard that may have had Marfan Syndrome. A condition that affects very tall thin people. They have irregular gaits. But theses are things we will never really know for sure. Kathi Toussaint FB

  2. Lincoln most likely had NF. I have NF, my father, grandmother, and cousins have it as well. My Grandmother was born as a member of the Lincoln family.