Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You!

I am sitting here, getting ready to sign and send off the third batch of my new book Thriving with Neurofibromatosis and I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support and feedback.

I am excited to share my story with the world of those living with this diagnoses and I hope it brings a little hope your way.

I am humbled by those who have responded and appreciate the continued support!

It IS possible to THRIVE and I hope my book inspires people to be more than they think they can be!

This is what people are saying

"Where do I start.... It's just fantastic. I have not been able to put in down. Kristi is an inspirational young lady, whom I would love to meet one day. I have smiled and cried and laughed whilst reading this great book. I would suggest to anyone with NF, buy this book or put it on your wish list. It's a must!!"

"First off I am not much of a reader, but I could not put this book down. As an adult with NF(neurofibromatosis) myself it is often helpful to just see how other people can overcome the challanges of having NF to prove to yourself that you can overcome the challanges of your own. Kristi shares her life growing up in the book, it will make you cry at some points, and other times it will make you smile. An excellent book for anyone that has NF or knows someone with NF."

"This book made me laugh and cry. I loved how open and honest the writer is with her feelings. This story helps me realize that I am not the only one who struggles with the issues of NF.
The writer is inspiring and uplifting! She has a way at looking at such a horrible disorder with true spirit and faith.
I couldn't put the book down! This is a personal account with uplifting stories...The writer educates and inspires her readers to go beyond surviving!
A MUST for friends and families dealing with the diagnoses of Neurofibromatosis!" 

"Amazing book. You are so inspirational and have so much fight in u!"

"very good book i couldn't put it down :)"

"It was a great read Kristi. And I liked the upbeat approach. I felt upbeat reading it"

"It was absolutely AMAZING! My 2 year old has NF and I really hope one day Bailey writes a book just like you. You both are so amazing and her words (MRI -consult) made me cry, I hope I can teach my son the way you have thought your children."

"Just finished your book! In some parts I felt as if I was reading about my self. You did and awesome job on it. Thrive on!!"

Thanks Again!


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  1. I have enjoyed looking around your blog. It is very nicely done. Your children are so cute! The information you share is very helpful. We are considering adopting a child with NF1, so I have been doing some research.

    I am thinking I may have to read your book! :)