Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Girls!

A month after I married Rich, I discovered I was pregnant.  It was a shock, but he and I prepared ourselves for our little bundle of joy!   Half way through my pregnancy, I found myself in the hospital facing Riley's premature birth....But thankfully, the swift action of my obstetrician stalled my labor and surgically put in a cerclage, to keep my cervix from dilating.

I was placed on strict bed rest for the next 4 months.

At 38 wks ...The Dr. removed the cerclage and expected me to go RIGHT into labor.  HA!

Riley Elizabeth waited another 2 1/2 weeks, before my OB decided I was WAY too swollen and uncomfortable to continue with the pregnancy.  She induced labor and it would be another 12 hours before my baby decided to give in, and be born!

This is Riley.  She is stubborn.  She is smart.  She is funny. She is AMAZING!

I love you SOOO MUCH!

Happy 12th Birthday!

I had JUST driven a 20 foot moving truck from Washington to Utah.  I was 8 months pregnant and had gained about 50 pounds.  I was extremely uncomfortable.  After the move, I immediately set myself up with the OB that had delivered Riley and Rachel.

It was THIS pregnancy when Neurofibromatosis slapped me in the face.  
NF was recognized for the first time in my 33yrs....

Brooklyn's "due date" was September 11th 2007.

On September 18th....I had my OB check up and the DR took one look at me and told me that it was time to get this baby OUT!  I immediately went home to talk to Riley...Her response was so cute...."Well Mom, I know you can't exactly HOLD the baby in....So I'm fine with having my baby sister share my birthday...Go, give birth."

I was determined to labor with OUT pain meds, just like my other births...But Brooklyn's heart rate started to slow down, with my contractions.  We waited an hour, to see if I would progress fast enough, but that never happened.

Brooklyn Grace was born via emergency c-section (my first csection) and was perfectly healthy. 

This is Brooklyn.  Always doing things HER way.  Smart.  Funny.  And AMAZING!

I love you Brooklyn Grace--Happy 5th Birthday!

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