Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001

I know that there will be endless blog posts from people about this day.  There isn't much I can say, that others haven't already beautifully expressed.  But this is a day of remembrance....A day to pay tribute to the lives that were lost, and the lives that continue on, in the shadows of a devastating tragedy.

I will make this short.  We all can remember where we were on this day, and what it felt like to watch this unfold...So today, just take the time to give THANKS and send a prayer up.  Do a positive and kind gesture to a complete stranger....Something that makes a difference! :)

We can't change the past...But we CAN give hope to our future!


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  1. my mother had a coworker who husband worked in the trade center. This man was a chain smoker so he took long breaks. Just as he left the building for am smoke break the plane hit and blessed was he to survivie becuase his office was on a high floor. I beleive her story and feel sorry for the victims, my mom was also to take a trip to england to visit a school that had a sister relationship with her school (she worked at an la unfied school for special ed students) but had to cancel because of the 911 events.